chemical cure

chem·i·cal cure

(kemi-kăl kyūr)
Mode of setting or polymerization in which the ingredients of the material unite in a chemical process that starts as soon as the blending is complete.

chemical cure,

n a type of treatment in which a chemical process begins when the ingredients are completely mixed. The setting time depends on temperature and any added accelerator.
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Fast cure technology allows a full chemical cure to be completed in 3-5 days, allowing converters to achieve more rapid fulfillment.
Despite reaching a high degree of chemical cure (heat of reaction), Phenolic A does not show a high degree of mechanical cure (modulus) at baking temperatures below 170[degrees]C.
DSC, FTIR] and the degree of chemical cure (DOC) [e.
Principles of DSC, instrumentation, and application to determining kinetics of chemical cure and DOC
The drug is the closest to a chemical cure available, with the potential to significantly improve a person's eyesight.
The effect of alumina trihydrate on allylester resin is mainly controlled by two factors - chemical cure inhibition and heat conductivity.
It is generally recognized that insolubles of 80-85% are required for acceptable chemical cure.
No one will ever know how few or many cures or failures the system engendered until a chemical cure for tuberculosis was discovered in the mid 1920's.
Sadly, there is no chemical cure for this problem and good housekeeping is the only likely solution to willow anthracnose, a devastating fungal disease that shows itself on the new spring growth.
Curing behavior As with the current CPEs, there are two chemical cure systems now being used, a peroxide and a non-peroxide thiadiazole system.
Way back when I was a child we had both herbal and chemical cures.

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