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A mutant Drosophila melanogaster gene that affects females, resulting in extraordinarily strong rejection behaviour against courting males
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Joel, of Chaster Street, Batley, who was initially described as the 'peacemaker' was sentenced to 14 months for his involvement in the attack and a further two months for the damage caused to the police van.
Strings employing a minimum of vibrato lent a chaster, leaner, more muscular aspect to Verdi's impassioned utterances.
Jotham Barnett, 20, of Chaster Street, Batley, was charged with violent disorder and two counts of assault, as was his father, Paul Barnett, 46, of the same address.
Better-known names made up the rest of the menu: Charpentier, Lalande and Allegri, whose well-loved Miserere here received a chaster, less histrionic (transposed lower) account than normally reaches the top of the charts.