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A mutant Drosophila melanogaster gene that affects females, resulting in extraordinarily strong rejection behaviour against courting males
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Oceanfront renovated 1920s inn has deluxe suites, fireplaces, double Jacuzzis; also, pretty treed campsites along Chaster River.
For Western Europe, see Kaelble, Social History 133; Robert Chester, "Conclusion", in Robert Chaster ad.
Isaias Enriquez finished third with Chaster in Thursday's opener, marking the jockey's return from a shoulder injury suffered in a May 4 accident.
Muff gets a bit carried away here, and I slightly prefer the Chandos version, chaster despite its somewhat broader tempos.
In the cold, blue eyes of the chaster one Like a tearful fountain, the illusion Escapes, but then the other, when a breeze, Warms you, is she sighing on your fleece?