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A mutant Drosophila melanogaster gene that affects females, resulting in extraordinarily strong rejection behaviour against courting males
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8) Zukofsky's interest in translating Catullus actually went back to as early as the late 1930s, when he had produced a chastely muscular modernist version of Poem 8 in a tough-guy tone and with a translatorly fidelity, in the conventional sense, that could win the approval of a classicist translator like Burton Raffel (who praised it chiefly to damn the later work).
Now armed and ready to sally out, one thing remains, to possess himself of the lady love every knight errant must have for worshipping chastely in his thoughts.
One of the most important sacramental duties of the deaconess in the early church in the East was conducting the physical anointing (25) and baptism of (nude) adult women, who were then "officially" baptized by the bishop's prayer over the just-baptized woman after she was either chastely robed or hidden from male gaze.
Spencer notes in his edition of the play, Penthea "seems to be contrasting 'virgin-wives' (who chastely bear children to their husbands) and women who are married to virginity (and who prefer virtue to the delights of marriage)" (156).
T]his commandment requires all people not only to live chastely in deed, word, and thought in their particular situation (that is, especially in marriage as a walk of life), but also to love and cherish the spouse whom God has given them.
Your faithful scribe is not, as has ever been painfully evident, an anthropologist, but it does seem unique, this overturning of the Universe in a flicker of time--superficial reading seems to disclose the Cherokee, the Maori experiences being decades, perhaps centuries in duration (one chastely refrains from qualitative, as opposed to chronological, assessment).
However, the Lassie and her mysterious nighttime visitor do get chastely separate beds in "East of the Sun and West of the Moon"
Beguinages (the "cities" of the title) provided a home for women who wished to live chastely and piously with other women--for shorter or longer periods--while also working in the urban economy, and who chose not to take permanent religious vows.
Both subscribed to the spiritual vocation tradition of widowhood but Berthold wrote more imaginatively, lumping together all women who had lost their virginity, whether or not they lived chastely.
A three-storey glass block wall chastely floods the tall volume with light, and a long transparent panel gives views.
Only that you do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly and chastely with your God.
Can I have a category for those same-sex attracted men, and I know many, who believe that God has called them to live chastely and believe that God gives them the grace to do just that?