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Related to the grape family, it is used to treat disorders of the female reproductive system.
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Many of the botanical supplements proposed for study by these centers--such as black cohosh, bitter melon, chasteberry, fenugreek, grape seed extract, hops, maca, milk thistle, resveratrol, licorice and valerian--are among the top 100 supplements consumed in the U.
PREMENSTRUAL TENSION Sufferers may find relief from vitex agnus-castus, which is also known as chasteberry, says Monica.
Herbs such as black cohosh, chasteberry, red clover, and turmeric are high in phytoestrogens.
VAC, synonym: chasteberry or monk's pepper) have been traditionally used to treat a variety of gynecological conditions.
firm Xan Confections, have introduced the dark chocolate CocoPMS truffles, which claim to ease the pain of pre-menstrual syndrome thanks to two anti-inflammatory compounds - chasteberry and bilberry, reports the Daily Mail.
A calming herbal blend of Chinese date fruit, white peony root extract, chasteberry fruit extract, ginger root extract, cramp bark and Magnolia bark extract works to address emotional symptoms such as moodiness and irritability.
For example, if you get mood swings then chasteberry supplements can stabilise your emotions.
Chasteberry, which does not contain hormones or hormone-like substances but rather exerts its progesterone-mimicking and oestrogen-balancing effects through the stimulation of the pituitary gland (Shepherd 1999; Briffa 2002)
It is much easier to ascribe a magical or health property to goji or acai or chasteberry than to an apple or orange because we already know about apples and oranges," Blumberg says.
In other words, plants do not contain human hormones, nor can our bodies convert these substances over to a hormone Herbs like black cohosh, red clover and chasteberry tree.
Chaste tree is also known as chasteberry, Agnus-castus or Monk's pepper.
Black cohosh and chasteberry help balance your sex hormones while damiana increases physical sensitivity.