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(char'tĕrz), Avoid the incorrect forms Charter and Charter's.
W.J., U.S. dentist. See: Charters method.
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Gary Larson, spokesman for the California Charter Schools Association, cited a dozen independent studies conducted over the last five years that he says proves charter campuses are more effective than public schools.
In 2004-05, 63 percent of regular North Carolina charter schools made adequate yearly progress under federal accountability guidelines, compared with just 58 percent of traditional public schools.
Few higher ed insiders took these charter proposals seriously when they were first introduced.
The Florida legislature approved charter schools in 1996.
According to Jonathan Beckett, president of worldwide yacht specialists Nigel Burgess, it was generally frowned upon to put your yacht on the charter market 10 to 20 years ago.
The National Assessment of Educational Progress results for 2003 show that fourth graders in charter schools performed about a half year behind their peers in traditional public schools in reading and math even when comparing students eligible for free lunch or comparing students in central cities.
Snell was impressed, and she encouraged her local school district in California to open a publicly funded Waldorf charter school in the district, where she and many other parents would enroll their children.
Thanks to President Bush and a compliant Congress, these Earth Charter evangelists recently received a major boost to their sinister crusade.
First, we see too little leadership in the charter movement.
IN THE SUMMER OF 1997, AS COOL wisps of fog swept across Berkeley's warm hillsides, Bruce Fuller kindly agreed to come indoors and host a week-long summit conference on charter schools.
Caprice Young, CEO of the California Charter Schools Association - the membership and professional organization serving the 574 charter schools in the state - expects to see the LAUSD approve its 100th charter campus this spring.