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(char'tĕrz), Avoid the incorrect forms Charter and Charter's.
W.J., U.S. dentist. See: Charters method.
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Texas' charter school law did not require failing or troubled charters, such as Prepared Table, to return unused or misappropriated state funds.
Too many states--instead of promptly replacing hapless schools with better ones--are slowing the whole charter enterprise and putting bureaucrats in charge of it.
After presenting what he thought was an even-handed account of the strengths and weaknesses of the charter school movement, Fuller found speakers for rival factions gleefully uniting to skin him alive.
The milestone underscores the growth Charter has been experiencing with its triple-play bundle of services: Charter Digital[TM] Video, Charter High-Speed[TM] and Charter Telephone.
By 2014, the charter schools association expects that 10 percent of the students - more than 600,000 - in California will be attending the independent public schools.
Our results indicate that traditional public schools in North Carolina responded to even the limited competition provided by charter schools by improving their average proficiency rates.
Gary Larson, spokesman for the California Charter Schools Association, cited a dozen independent studies conducted over the last five years that he says proves charter campuses are more effective than public schools.
In 2004-05, 63 percent of regular North Carolina charter schools made adequate yearly progress under federal accountability guidelines, compared with just 58 percent of traditional public schools.
Early on in the national charter conversation, public faculty unions successfully opposed the proliferation of charter college and university proposals based on prognostications of academic quality erosion, the creation of academic sweatshops, and the dire consequences of operating under the radar of public accountability.
By participating in a charter school initiative, we Humanists can accomplish three very important objectives:
According to Jonathan Beckett, president of worldwide yacht specialists Nigel Burgess, it was generally frowned upon to put your yacht on the charter market 10 to 20 years ago.