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A gene on chromosome 6p12 that encodes a member of the AP-2 family of transcription factors, which activate the transcription of genes involved in proper eye, face, body wall, limb and neural tube development. TFAP2B inhibits C/EBP alpha, MCAM/MUC18 and MYC; it appears to be required for normal face and limb development, and for proper terminal differentiation and function of renal tubular epithelia.

Molecular pathology
TFAP2B mutations cause autosomal dominant Char syndrome.


arctic and subarctic species of the fish genus salvelinus.
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Comparative catches and food habits of Dolly Varden and Arctic charrs, Salvelinus malina and S.
I was ready to contine the bout and Charr was also ready for further boxing but it was the decision of the doctor and the referee, who are responsible for it and we could do nothing about it.
Ziad El Charr, general manager of operations for Damac said, 'We are firmly committed to the property market in Qatar and are therefore pleased to see the initial stages underway at one of our key sites at Lusail.
Since then, the hatchery has become a centre of excellence for the rearing of salmon and other protected species like Ennerdale charr and freshwater pearl mussels.
Plus 3 other bouts featuring: Manuel Charr, Yoan Pablo Hernandez & Vitaly Tsypko
Fitting examples among fishes are the sympatric "dwarf" and "normal" forms of charr, Salvelinus spp.
To do it, I had to use two words with variant spellings (bur = burr, charr = char), one unfamiliar word (col, a pass in a mountain range), one name of a character in an early surrealist play (Ubu in Ubu Roi), and a few other tricks of the trade.
As well as speckled brown trout that can reach two pounds, arctic charr gather occasionally in the shallows to provide good sport.
259) The sensitive species at issue were the lynx, boreal owl, black-backed woodpecker, flamulated owl, fisher, bull charr, and wet-sloped cutthroat trout.
Beefing up: Strength coach Charr Gahagan was brought on the trip to keep freshman forwards Rory O'Neil and Nick Curtis lifting weights away from home.