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A movement of Christianity which accentuates spiritual gifts such as prophecy and faith healing
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Appointments and promotions in army are largely based on charismatic and rational bases, but inherited lines can may difference.
While official dialogue has not had much impact on Pentecostal--Catholic relations in Asia, the charismatic renewal in Protestant churches and Roman Catholic communities has created a possibility for fellowship and mutual ministry at the grassroots level, especially through healing.
Hayat takes readers into confidence by explaining what charismatic leadership is and why Jinnah excels as a charismatic leader?
Bill Clinton is the perfect example of all three components--a man who many consider to me one of the most charismatic individuals ever.
The most charismatic presidents reached an emotional connection with people talking not to their brains but to their gut.
In partial answer to one of the questions posed above, Ingram correctly notes that the main means to judge charismatic appeal is in the devoted reactions of followers.
Change-oriented leadership models, such as charismatic leadership, have been influential in the study of organizational leadership for nearly 30 years (Groves & LaRocca, 2011).
Charismatic leaders were perceived to be effective through presenting themselves as worthy role models (Gardner, 2003) and this form of leadership has also been identified as culturally universal (see House et al.
Her book is a study of the charismatic renewal in Great Britain, focused on the work of the Fountain Trust, established by Anglican priest Michael Harper in 1964, to spread the renewal.
The research says every company is looking for their Steve Jobs, a charismatic leader that can power their firm to new heights.
When charismatic politicians such as Obama speak, they are able to turn a room full of strangers into a community rich in shared meaning, just as a great actor creates such a community within a theater.
Writing in the 'Scientific American Mind', Professors Alex Haslam of the University of Exeter and Stephen Reicher of St Andrews describe how presenting themselves as 'one of us' is important for leaders being seen as a charismatic figure.