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For those who find themselves on the open road, the iGo Dual-USB Car Charger provides two USB outputs that can simultaneously charge two phones, iPods, Gameboys or any other mobile device.
Total output of this powerful car charger is 54W, making it the most powerful car charger in the world, considering most of the 4 port car charger are just 40-50W.
35 Companies profiled in 2014 mobile phone charger market research report for global and China markets include BYD Company Limited, Salcomp, AOHAI, Aveda (Emerson), Delta, LITEON, Phihong, Dokocom, ARUN, Ledx, Donwoo (Samsung), Leader, Kunxing, Fuhua, Yalitong, Ruider, Chenyang, Baijunda, Tech-Power, Aquilstar, Pisen, Xinqiao, Samson, Yoobao, EBTEB, Yingju, A Foote (Samsung), JOWAY, Tenwei, BTY, YILITE, Weiyeshun, Dongdu, E-tek and Harajuku.
is recalling some phone chargers that can pose an electric shock hazard for some of its models.
For consumers who need to charge a laptop away from their home or office, the versatile iGo Slim Laptop Travel Charger (MSRP: $99.
Solar battery chargers currently occupy majority share (more than 90%) of the European Green battery charger market.
USB charger - A USB charging cable for use with any standard USB port
REGULATORY OVERVIEW II-29 Voluntary Programs II-29 Group for Energy Efficient Appliances (GEEA) II-29 EPA Energy Star II-29 Mandatory Programs II-30 California Adopts Energy Efficiency Regulations II-30 California Battery Charger Commission II-30 US DOE - Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) II-30 Korean Energy Efficiency Label and Standards Program II-30
This is an ideal solution for a replacement charger or an additional charger for those who prefer to keep one at home and one at the office.
The 2014 Dodge Charger is a very popular car, dealership staff said, because it combines the aspects of a sports car that drivers love with the facets of a sedan that a family needs.
an international leader in innovating and marketing outdoor products, announced today the launch of the Coleman([R]) line of portable solar chargers, designed to provide backup or primary power for vehicles such as automobiles, boats, RVs and for remote living applications.
Additional equipment on the Dodge Charger R/T (Road and Track) includes a black honeycomb-style grille with matte surround and heritage R/T badge, 20-inch chrome-clad wheels, 20-inch all-season performance tyres, rear differential with 3.