Common term for patient encounter form.
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The software bases those estimates on a hospital's historical claims data, chargemaster files, and patient-provided insurance information.
Within the past six months, we have gone public in the United Kingdom, secured the top KLAS ranking in our category for Chargemaster Toolkit([R]), and released two new products that further a hospital's strategic pricing abilities," Wilson said.
To learn more about Craneware's industry leading revenue integrity solutions, including the #1 in KLAS* Chargemaster Toolkit[sup.
today announced the public release of Patient Charge Estimator, a software solution that provides charge estimates for inpatient and outpatient procedures based on a hospital's historical claims data, chargemaster files, and negotiated third-party contracts.
Hefner's lawsuit, in which he seeks to represent a class of other self-pay emergency room patients, alleges that the Chargemaster rates at which he and other emergency room patients were billed were not Mission's "regular payment rates.
Craneware's Chargemaster Corporate Toolkit provides the solutions we need to address these problems and to begin standardizing our revenue cycle management across the enterprise.
ATLANTA, July 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Hospitals continually struggle to incorporate coding, charging, and pricing for new high-value supplies, such as surgical implants and devices, into the chargemaster quickly and accurately, but the manual data management processes most hospitals employ can lead to inefficiencies, significant revenue leakage, and major compliance risk.
ATLANTA -- Further enhancing its position as a market leader in revenue cycle management, MedAssets Net Revenue Systems announces the general release of CDM Master[TM], the next generation of chargemaster management technology.
During this presentation, Kathy Schwartz, Craneware project manager; Jennifer Carmody, director of reimbursement services at Billings Clinic; and Kyle Townsend, clinical manager of pharmacy services at Billings Clinic, will explain how Billings implemented an enterprise-wide revenue integrity initiative, deploying automated solutions to aid chargemaster and pharmacy management, ensure compliant pricing and drive financial performance across the clinic's diverse rural locations.
CDM Master([TM]) adds functionality to manage and track organization-wide involvement in chargemaster changes and updates