charge-coupled device

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charge-coupled device (CCD)

1 an array of semiconductors so arranged that the output of one serves as the input of the next. CCDs are often used to convert light patterns into electrical signals. See also charge-coupled image sensor.
2 in dental imaging, an image receptor found within an intraoral sensor.

charge-coupled device

Abbreviation: CCD
A device used in video and digital imaging (such as in CT scanning) that creates electronic images from light.
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Supporting the low power requirement in mobile or portable applications, the new CIS chip performs at the same level and operates at a power level that is a mere 10 percent of its charge-coupled device (CCD) counterpart.
Shellcase's wafer-level packaging platforms enable economies of scale for manufacturers of a large variety of semiconductor devices, such as complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) and charge-coupled device (CCD) area array and linear sensors, other optical devices like photodiodes, as well as various types of RF-MEMS devices, memories and mixed signals.
Samsung's 5M-pixel CIS performs at the same level as its charge-coupled device (CCD) counterpart, yet it operates on less power and is more price competitive.
and Canadian scientists began the survey in 1983 to take advantage of the extremely sensitive imaging technology called the charge-coupled device (CCD), a computer-chip-like wafer that nearly allows astronomers to detect individual photons.
Such solutions are likely to compete intensely with traditional charge-coupled device (CCD) wide dynamic range cameras.

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