charge transfer complex

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charge trans·fer com·plex

1. a complex between two organic molecules in which an electron from one (the donor) is transferred to the other (the acceptor); subsequent transfer of a hydrogen atom completes the reduction of the acceptor; such complexes are generally highly colored and may be so observed;
2. a network of hydrogen bridges at the catalytic center of certain proteases.
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Hence the lactam unit of PVP is considered to be an active site to form charge transfer complex with C = O group of MPDMAPP in the bulk state or in solution (3).
The anodic polarization, in turn, caused the oxidation of Mo(V) to Mo(VI), accompanied by a proton injection from the electrolyte to the composite film, which led back to the formation of a charge transfer complex involving heteropolyanions and polymer molecule.
With literature references indicating that ferrocene derivatives complex with alkyl chlorides, the mixture of ferrocene and benzyl chloride forms a charge transfer complex ([K.