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This technically well-defined parameter, by far the best reinforcement predictor among a multitude of other attempts to characterize carbon black, has in particular the advantage of characterizing a "fixed" entity of the material.
The new method is based on mass spectrometry, a long-standing technique for characterizing low mass substances, but one that is difficult to use on high mass polymers owing to the requirement of producing intact charged molecules in the vapor state.
They not only developed an alternative microwave calibration capable of characterizing non-invasive probes, but they developed procedures for correcting waveform measurements performed with the probes to 40 GHz, adequate to characterize all but the most demanding digital circuits.
With the virtual evaluation board and virtual benchtop capabilities of SignalExpress and ADIsimADC, engineers can go from simulation to prototyping with minimal or no time spent characterizing physical evaluation boards.
The manufacturers of LTCC substrates expressed a need for improved measurement methods for characterizing the electromagnetic properties of LTCCs at a NIST-industry LTCC workshop held in Gaithersburg, MD, in October 1999.
Owing to successes achieved by NIST scientists in characterizing related materials in collaboration with SEMATECH, the company sought NIST assistance to provide critical characterization data on structure and properties.
PhytoMedical is presently working to synthesize these insulin enhancing (or mimetic) polyphenolic compounds, which improve insulin function by a factor of 20 in laboratory tests, and eventually characterizing their beneficial effects in cell culture systems, animals and ultimately humans.
NYSE:A) today introduced the Agilent 4075 and 4076 DC/RF/Pulse Parametric Testers used for characterizing devices fabricated with advanced process technology such as 65 nm technology nodes.
a manufacturer of proven, production-worthy systems for accurate, and precise thin film measurement for data storage, announced the development of a new software module that adds the capability to the n&k 1500-D Analyzer of characterizing Diamond-Like Coatings (DLC) on perpendicular recording media.
The Notice of Extension and Variation discloses that the Competition Bureau advised TELUS on June 4, 2004 that it was characterizing the transactions contemplated by the Offers as "very complex" and that very complex merger transactions necessitate substantial assessment and a greater volume of work by the Competition Bureau than that which is required in transactions not so characterized; the Board of Directors has been advised that very complex merger transactions typically require substantially longer review periods than transactions not so characterized.
The CombiMatrix Influenza A arrays will help to accelerate our research in identifying and characterizing the key differences in the avian flu strains.