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2. typical of an individual or other entity.
demand c's cues regarding the purpose of the study or the behavior expected that an experimental subject perceives and responds to.


1. Synonym(s): character
2. Typical or distinctive of a particular disorder.


/char·ac·ter·is·tic/ (kar″ak-ter-is´tik)
2. typical of an individual or other entity.

demand characteristics  behavior exhibited by the subject of an experiment in an attempt to accomplish certain goals as a result of cues communicated by the experimenter (expectations or hypothesis).


Etymology: Gk, charassein, to engrave
1 adj, typical of an individual or other entity.
2 n, a trait that distinguishes an individual or entity.


1. Synonym(s): character.
2. Typical or distinctive of a particular disorder.


adj 1. emblematic or representative.
n 2. trait characterizing a person or illness. The most characteristic symptoms are crucial for determining the most efficacious homeopathic remedy. See also pathognomonic.


1. character.
2. typical of an individual or other entity. See also character.

characteristic curve
the photographic characteristics of an emulsion on an x-ray film based on plotting the density of the image obtained against the logarithm of the exposure under specified conditions of development.
characteristic radiation
nearly homogeneous radiation produced in the target of the x-ray tube when orbital electrons are knocked out and replaced by electrons from outer shells.
characteristic x-rays
see characteristic radiation (above).

Patient discussion about characteristic

Q. Do ADHD patients tend to have similar characteristics? I've noticed lots of kids and teenagers with ADHD are kind, sensetive and have a great sense of humor. Have you heard of any researches in that issue?? Have you noticed that as well?

A. so what do you say guys? anybody else here is familiar with these characteristics in kids with ADHD?

Q. what defining characteristics can i point out to her to show her that she is bipolar and must see a doctor? I have a very close friend who is with me for the past 25 yrs. We share everything about us frankly whether it is good or bad. So far we didn’t hide each other about the happenings around us. But for the past one month I suspect my friend is bipolar but she refuses to visit a doctor. What defining characteristics can I point out to her to show her that she is bipolar and must see a doctor? I don’t want to hurt her at any cost. I never ever do it. So please help.

A. You have reminded me about my friend who was with me before but lost her somewhere now. I can really feel how much you find hard to reveal her about her illness. It's very hard to get someone who is Bipolar to actually admit it and then even harder still to get them to commit to treatment because they enjoy their highs so much. You have to get her when she is in a depressive state as that is when they are most willing and receptive to treatment.

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Cribriform adenocarcinoma of the tongue: A hitherto unrecognized type of adenocarcinoma characteristically occurring in the tongue.
Martindale, the author of many studies of intertextuality from the classical world to the modern, rounds off the anthology with a characteristically shrewd and skeptical essay on methodological problems of interpreting allusion.
Characteristically, Pool has Hanna's volatile father present her with a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank, whose optimism provides a life-affirming alternative to the fatalistic existentialism offered her by the Godard film.
Yes, Cronenberg creates his characteristically hermetic world (here a striking combination of futuristic sci-fi and an almost Black Forest-like late Middle Ages), a world that has a strange logic at odds with "reality" and parallel to it.
Paired with other, more characteristically reptilian traits, this finding suggests that dinosaurs' metabolism functioned unlike that of any living animal.
Characteristically, Bhat has used this experience as the basis for a training programme for 62 rural teachers (with an outreach to 450,000 students).
In forests, "problems" such as insect or disease outbreaks, wildfires, or soil erosion were characteristically linked to "cures" such as pesticide application, fire suppression, or erosion-control structures.
New data illustrate that grooved-feed sections can achieve high throughput rates with a broad range of resins - not just polyethylenes - that characteristically exhibit poor solids conveyance.
Unfortunately, The New Yorker has approached the subject in its characteristically literal-minded fashion, crop by crop.
By harnessing FireWire's characteristically high line power capacity, the LaCie FireWire Speakers produce a minimum 8W output and as a consequence, achieve a deeper, richer sound than possible from limited 2W USB speakers.
Characteristically raising more questions than he necessarily chooses to answer, the Koolhaas pavilion is set to be a non-pavilion; a non-enclosure and a non-structure.
One cannot fully grasp Olitski's stylistic joie de vivre without understanding certain characteristically Jewish attitudes to life.

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