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channels, in acupuncture, a system of pathways running through the body that connect vital organs and carry qi.
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Of the new niche sports channels, which are you most interested in having on your cable or dish system?
Simulation result: The Schippers/Barr use of parallel channels increases the melting area over that of the tapered Maillefer barrier, achieving higher melting capacity of 697 lb/hr.
There's no question that nature uses ion channels to accomplish many things in the cell.
Fibre Channel and IP Storage SANs will coexist because they have different strengths and are suited for different applications and markets.
Calcium channels play important and diverse roles in neurologic function.
However, the push into newer channels has often been fraught with difficulties.
But the only assault on the First Amendment was Time Warner's lawsuit against the city in federal court, where it persuaded Judge Denise Cote, a recent Clinton appointee inexperienced in First Amendment law, to issue an unprecedented - and undoubtedly unconstitutional - prior restraint order against the city's carrying Fox News or Bloomberg News on one of its PEG channels.
For example, administrators of one Fortune 500 company reported that 60 percent of the messages they received via e-mail would not have been sent over other channels.
The 24-hour sports and news channel may be a permanent television fixture but do viewers want to see the likes of Andre, Serena, Venus and other top tennis players 24/7?
The Fibre Channel sub-group of the SNMWG is further focused to address the management of Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks.
The idea that mechanical pressure alters membrane channels, which in turn trigger a nerve impulse, has been around for decades.