master file

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master file,

n a file of semipermanent information that is usually updated periodically.
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With ECX, IDX baseline files can be exported or changes proposed for exporting in an IDX change file.
If a common folder cannot be set up, CircuitWorks can be configured to automatically email IDX baseline and change files.
The resulting Change file can be used to share an application with other users, reinstall the application if something goes wrong or to rollback the application.
These delta files, frequently containing only new documents and similarly small files, are stored as incremental change files and typically don't take up significant amounts of storage space.
InnoPath incorporates these patented methods in its DeltaUpgrade Plus(TM) OTA mobile device management solution to produce the most compact and efficient change files, and to ensure 100 per cent accurate updates online and over-the-air.
Under terms of the agreement, Hitachi Software has modified its HouseDiff change detection solution to use Pictometry imagery, and Pictometry has integrated the resulting change files into their Change Analysis software.
Red Bend incorporates this patented method in its vCurrentMobile, vCurrentStudio and vBuild software products to produce the most compact and efficient change files.
Post Office address change files and is "CASS Certified.