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Paul A., U.S. ophthalmologist, 1896-1987. See: Chandler syndrome.
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Toby Scruby, general manager of Al-Futtaim Marine said his team is already in place to offer customers personalised attention with mobile maintenance and repair services, new boat sales, brokerage, charters, finance and insurance, and later this year a chandlery and maintenance facility.
Hoff's ship chandlery, and most significantly, the storeship General Harrison.
City air was polluted by the smoke from thousands of coal-fires and the stinking industrial processes involved in tanning, brewing, chandlery, and many other trades.
Work will begin on the 150 yacht berths on the River Ness in April and the village will feature a luxury hotel, chandlery and a street of exclusive retailers.
Already in place is The Quarter and Basin One, alongside 400 berths, chandlery and brokerage with local bars, shops and restaurants on hand.
You see it's all very well adapting a more typical home to suit your requirements by brandishing the paint brush and wallpaper but chandlery and maritime fittings are an entirely different (and potentially more expensive) affair.
A NEW chandlery has opened next to Clopton Marina in Stratford.
Then we went to a local chandlery [marine store] and had them put stainless steel turnbuckles and other hardware on the cables.
ENJOY the magnificent scenery of Skye while staying at the four-star Bosville Hotel and Chandlery Seafood Restaurant.
The latest to be converted is the Inventory Chamber, which was originally built as a chandlery between 1778 and 1783.
Finally, Don Bartz of Costa Mesa, California, tips us off to Minney's Ship Chandlery.
Among the enticing sights that await the second day are the bank, drugstore, ship chandlery, a nautical general store, the Ropewalk, where cordage is made, and more: a planetarium, Stone's Store with dry goods and hardware, and Schaefer's Spouter Tavern, named for that in Moby Dick and restored as a historic site.