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containing iron or iron rust; called also chalybeate.


Obsolete term for impregnated with or containing iron salts and for a therapeutic agent containing iron.
[G. chalyps (chalyb-), steel]


(kə-lĭb′ē-ĭt, -lē′bē-)
1. Impregnated with or containing salts of iron.
2. Tasting like iron, as water from a mineral spring.
Water or medicine containing iron in solution.


containing or charged with iron.
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When the trees are felled [and this, as a reminder, is a letter found in the same column featuring the Manley Hopkins poem, which Hopkins received], the road leveled, and houses, such as we see already building in what is commonly called "the streaky bacon style," continued on either side of the road, Well-walk will no longer be the pleasant, shady summer lounge, and the cheerful, sunny, winter promenade, so favoured by invalids, poor and rich alike, who come for exercise, or for rest, and to drink the far-famed chalybeate waters of Hampsteadwells.
MacNeil (1946) proposed the Chalybeate Limestone Member to include the Clayton facies containing sand and limestone verses the chalk facies further south in its outcrop belt.
The chalybeate spring - named after the iron salts it contains - quickly became recognised for its healing qualities.
The hotel, along with others in the area, catered for the visitors who arrived to partake of the sulphur water and chalybeate, or iron springs.
JONES David (Dai Cwmparc) Suddenly on April 21 at his home, David (Dai Cwmparc) of Chalybeate St, Aberystwyth; beloved husband of Bet, dear father of Gwilym and Delyth, cherished grandfather of Dafydd, Rhian, Ieuan and Sioned, and loving brother of Mair Watts.
Where in the city centre would you find a chalybeate (mineral) spring flowing?
Llanfachreth archives also mention a chalybeate spring - called Ffynnon Goch - believed to have health giving properties.
It was a village with very large and elegantly-furnished inns in an area "highly celebrated for its sulphureted and chalybeate spas which are situated in the romantic and picturesque vale of the Irthing.
The swastikas were sprayed onto two Care Society properties in Cambrian Street and Chalybeate Street.
The chalybeate springs rise in a cave cut 40ft into the solid rock at the foot of Allt Cae Coch mountain.