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A regional phrase for using white powder to make the cocaine one is selling appear whiter than it is due to prior 'cutting' or contamination
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RAWALPINDI -- District Administration (Distt Admin) under section 144 has imposed the restriction on wall chalking during the month of Moharram for unlimited duration.
This cell is active and takes action against the wall chalking and encroachments removing them whatsoever.
All major roundabout, bridges and flyovers are painted with different wall chalking as the administration opts to remain a silent spectator.
Disbelieving Hazel Mercer and Charli Lith have been fined pounds 80 each and threatened with ASBOs for chalking lovehearts, rainbows and tiaras on the road outside their grandmother's house in Pen y Bryn, Bangor
War chalking is a code developed to advertise the presence of wireless networks.
Attendance was high, with all of our resorts chalking up excellent early-season results.
KARACHI -- A meeting of Divisional Coordination Committee, here on Wednesday decided that efforts would be made in close coordination with all concerned civic agencies, police and district administration to stop graffiti and also clean the existent wall chalking from across the city.
The practice of wall chalking should be avoided as it gives an ugly look to the city streets, he said and warned that now no one would be spared and cases would be registered against the violators of wall-chalking ban.