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cal·ci·um car·bon·ate

an astringent, an antacid, and a calcium dietary supplement.
See also: calcite.
Synonym(s): chalk, creta
A regional term for any abuse substance consumed as a white powder, e.g., methamphetamine, amphetamine, cocaine

cal·ci·um car·bon·ate

(kalsē-ŭm kahrbŏ-nāt)
Astringent, antacid, and dietary supplement.
See also: calcite
Synonym(s): chalk.


n an abrasive agent made from compact calcite.
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The dissolution factors resolve pitting from chalkiness and taphonomic attack on the inner surface/body whorl from that of the outer surface/ spire.
If the existing paint surface is in good condition--no cracks or pealing--but still has some chalkiness, a bonding agent added to a topcoat can improve adhesion, and that single coat of paint is all you'll need.
The best potting mixture is rich organically, neutral or tending towards chalkiness.
Since past breeding didn't favor chalkiness, it may also have lowered lysine content, Schaeffer notes.
While milled rice yield was not, brown rice yield, head rice recovery, rice with chalkiness, and chalky ratio were affected by variety and fertilizer.
Fortification poses a huge challenge to product formulators: Most essential vitamins and minerals bring with them textural issues such as chalkiness, grittiness, and bitterness, or they may have metallic and other objectionable tastes and flavors.
These costumes, along with the gouache's chalkiness and the tension of the compositions, suggest religious frescoes or icons.
We might consider that it allays the mid-palate chalkiness of feel and a certain kinesthetic "irritation" at rear palate that have always set Tokaji apart from Sauternes, Rhein and Cotnari (Romania) botrytis wines.
The soup bowl duly wiped clean of its sweet, rich orange contents and the bitter chalkiness of the goat's cheese souffle polished off, it was on to the next course.
And this fits the bill, its mineral chalkiness and nettly gooseberry tang leaving the tastedbuds dancing.
Subsequently, its plants became small, the seed setting rate, head rice rate and transparency were reduced, rice chalkiness area was increased, and rice amylose content was significantly decreased (Wang et al.