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cal·ci·um car·bon·ate

an astringent, an antacid, and a calcium dietary supplement.
See also: calcite.
Synonym(s): chalk, creta
A regional term for any abuse substance consumed as a white powder, e.g., methamphetamine, amphetamine, cocaine

cal·ci·um car·bon·ate

(kalsē-ŭm kahrbŏ-nāt)
Astringent, antacid, and dietary supplement.
See also: calcite
Synonym(s): chalk.


n an abrasive agent made from compact calcite.
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He thrashed Michael Holt 9-0 in the last round and on his own managed to chalk up 160 points over 50.
Fulham are no forlorn hopes either at 12-1 to win at Manchester United, even though it took them until the last week of last season to chalk up an away win.
NEC BIGLOBE is expected to chalk up more than 100 billion yen in sales in fiscal 2008 to March 31, 2009, up from 60 billion yen projected for the current fiscal year.