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chakras (chaˑ·krz), according to Tantric philosophy, the seven centers of energy that constitute our energy system. The chakras act as valves or conduits for energy from consciousness through the endocrine and nervous systems to different parts of the physical body.
chakra connection,
n healing touch process that uses both manual shadowing and light touch, starting at the feet and working up the body at 60-second intervals until all energy centers (chakras) of the body have been covered.
chakra spread,
n an approach for treating clients who are undergoing significant emotional, spiritual, and physical stress; practitioner sys-tematically holds each foot, hand, and then moves down the body to open and balance the client's energy centers.
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This guided body work uses customized botanical serums to help clear chakras and reset intentions using light healing touch to provide deep relaxation while reducing stress and anxiety.
Two Shaurya Chakras have gone to men of the project Zaranj in Taliban infested Afghanistan.
Seventeen Personnel received Shaurya Chakra, in which Subedar Dhian Singh Havaldar Aziz Mohd.
The Ashok Chakra award is treated as equivalent to the Param Vir Chakra.
The sixth chakra sometimes is called the third eye.
The comic icon has been reportedly meeting with Bollywood directors and producers to adapt Chakra into a live action film.
Omved, an organic lifestyle brand that supports pure natural living, held an event, “Aroma therapy and Color therapy for chakra healing,” at the Indian Merchant Chamber building, Churchgate, Mumbai.
After raising more than $20,000 on Kickstarter last year, Belk and Cooper went to market with their unique chocolate tiles for each of the seven primary chakras.
Annie Mac CHAK ATTACK: Indie band The Chakras are riding high on a wave of praise and fans will get to chance to see what all the fuss is about at the Kasbah.
Led by brothers Rocky (vocals) and Gordo Whittaker (guitars/vocals), the Chakras are Richie McArdle (guitars), Bryan Pepper (keys, harmonium) and Ian Kane (bass/vocals), all mates since school.
Dublin born, London based five piece The Chakras commenced their journey almost two years ago, with an early show supporting Ian Brown in Dublin.
I had two opportunities to sit and chant up the chakras with groups of people.