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Enporion is a supply chain management technology and services company, providing strategic sourcing and e-procurement applications.
Five years ago, Supply & Demand Chain Executive announced its first "100" list of supply chain solution providers, consultants and other organizations that were helping lead the way in transforming companies' supply and demand chains.
TradeStone Software earned a place on the Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 list by pioneering a strategic new approach to sourcing known as the Unified Buying Process, which enables companies to streamline their international and domestic supply chains into one view and business process.
com), the leading provider of Real-Time Forecasting and Inventory solutions, announced today that the company has been recognized as a Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies Great Supply Chain Partner and a Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 top supply chain innovator.
Click Commerce was named to the Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 based on its work with Jabil Global Services, a leading warranty and repair services provider.
Supply chain automation initiatives--such as e-procurement, e-requisitioning, catalogue management, strategic sourcing and a host of other supply chain solutions--have reinvented interactions between trading partners.
The commanders of these organizations, acting as supply chain managers, are responsible for identifying customer requirements and managing the industrial base to ensure product availability, as well as inventory management, storage, distribution, delivery, and ultimately, disposal of the items that fall under their responsibility.
Previously, supply chain solutions focused on improving one process at a time, such as procurement, transportation, or inventory.
com is built upon a proven collaborative solution, Oracle Supply Chain Exchange, and allows companies to quickly realize the benefits of demand planning, supply planning, vendor managed inventory, and supply chain event management.
Chain gangs are a reality in at least seven states, and they are imminent in several more.
If the ends of a linear, phantom chain consisting of n "steps" of length, 1, are fixed a distance, r, apart, a force, f, will be required (ref.