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In this study, we only use a ridge ending to focus on the matching algorithm and the method of chaff point creation.
Last year, the Iranian Navy equipped its home-made Jamaran destroyer with chaff and flare-dispensing systems to divert the missiles fired by other vessels or enemies' fighter jets.
8220;The heroine's father, who tries to restrain his spirited daughter, sums it up early in the story with this quote 'We must hold tight to the stalk or like chaff, the wind will drive us away'.
The results of correlation (Table 3) showed that positive significant between total tillers with fertile tillers, chaff weight and 1000 grain weight.
In order to thoroughly comprehend the contents of Gabriel North's book Threshing the Cosmic Chaff it is imperative that readers understand the significance of the book's title.
In that case, a cyclone of straw, dirt and chaff enveloped the stackers until the remarks directed at the kid could hardly be heard.
Chaff is named after a plant's pollen or seeds that blow in the wind, Gassman says, because it is meant to replicate that concept.
WHEN a military aircraft fears it is under attack from a missile, it throws out flares and chaff to confuse the missile and thereby survive the attack.
One day he was spraying the chaff out while roasting a full batch on a 120K Probat and left the auxiliary door open.
The chaff from the wheat is demonstrated by accepting what the Lord has made acceptable in his eyes and repenting of that which is not.
The nature center boasts not only passive solar and geothermal technology, but its classrooms feature bio-composite cabinets that incorporate locally derived wheat chaff, crushed sunflower seeds and compressed newspapers.
Computers cannot flush the semantic, or meaningful, from the binary chaff, Behrendt said.