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In a related development, 3,600 becquerels per kg of radioactive cesium was detected in straw for beef cattle in Miyagi Prefecture, exceeding the designated upper limit of 300 becquerels per kg, according to local authorities.
Buesseler reviewed the range of current estimates of the total cesium releases.
The principal end use of cesium is in formate brines, a high-density, low-viscosity fluid used for high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) oil and gas drilling and exploration.
The report then analyzes the upstream raw materials, downstream market, and current market dynamics of Cesium Industry.
The chemical properties of radioactive cesium are similar to those of non-radioactive cesium and naturally occurring potassium and sodium, which are abundant in seawater.
Cesium accumulates in fish muscle tissues, typically at about 100 times the concentration levels in the surrounding seawater.
To track time, a cesium clock exploits the absorption of microwaves by a cloud of cesium atoms (SN: 9/4/04, p.
com/prnh/20130307/600769 Global Market Report of Cesium iodide (CAS 7789-17-5) aims at providing comprehensive data on Cesium iodide globally and regionally (Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America etc.
8 ( ANI ): More than 30 hotspots of radioactive cesium concentrations have been discovered in the Pacific Ocean, as far as Abukuma River in Miyagi Prefecture, 70 km north of the Fukushima No.
Radioactive cesium readings in groundwater samples taken from an observation hole by the sea at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station increased further on Tuesday compared with the samples taken the day before, Tokyo Electric Power Co.
Bluefin tuna migrating from Japan to Southern California are bringing a little excess baggage with them -- radioactive cesium isotopes originating from the Japanese nuclear power plant damaged by last year's tsunami, (http://www.
A sensitive instrument installed in the Canadian Arctic to monitor fallout from modern nuclear tests has detected small amounts of radioactive cesium produced by bomb tests decades ago.