Caesarean section

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Caesarean section

Patient discussion about Caesarean section

Q. What are the risks of C-section? See that all the pregnant movie stars are having C- sections instead of natural child birth. Maybe I should have one too, instead of giving birth regularly? Are there any risks?

A. Thanks.. Now I understand better the risks of c-section.

Q. How is a C-section done? My wife is expecting twins and her Doctor scheduled a C- section for her. How is it done?

A. My wife had a c-section done when we had our daughter. I did not get to see the procedure, but I did hear it. It was graphic, but really quick.

Q. When is a C-section needed? My wife is pregnant now and I wanted to know when do women need to have a C- section as opposed to natural birth?

A. sually a C- section is done when there are problems during labor like when the baby is in trouble or the labor is stuck and not progressing over a long period of time.

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Blue Plus cesarean delivery rates, which were 18 percent in 1991, dropped to 16 percent by the end of 1992.
Eighty percent had had a previous cesarean delivery.
The results were similar in analyses that included only births for which complete records were available and in analyses restricted to births that occurred at or after 40 weeks' gestation (to exclude any women who had planned a cesarean delivery at term but had undergone an emergency procedure before the scheduled date).
We can take this information from our study as a control for future analysis where we can use the SF-MPQ-2 to investigate chronic pain in high-risk populations undergoing cesarean delivery," he added.
On the other hand, the institution doing only 35% of elective cesareans before 39 weeks had one in three women going into labor and requiring emergency cesarean delivery.
Pregnancy Outcomes Obese women Nonobese women 20-29 [greater 20-29 [greater years than or years (n than or (n = equal to] = equal to] 9,224) 40 years 43,025) 40 years (n = (n = 228) 1,003) Primary cesarean delivery 47.
There was very little difference between the vaginal delivery without tear group and the cesarean delivery group for all three questions.
001) [and] the cesarean delivery rate was directly related to maternal BMI across the cohort (P = .
While the authors found a weak association between lower hospital induction rates and higher hospital cesarean rates, they did not specifically study the rates of cesarean delivery among those being induced versus those who were allowed to labor spontaneously, especially those without medical reasons for induction or early delivery Including women who may have required a cesarean delivery (for placenta previa, prior classical cesarean delivery, or arrest of labor) but were not induced potentially confuses the relationship, as these would not be related to whether labor was induced or not.
The rate of a composite outcome of fetal or neonatal death or serious neonatal morbidity among 1,393 women in 25 countries assigned to undergo planned cesarean delivery was 2.
occurring before 37 weeks) were associated with significantly increased odds both of cesarean delivery and of pregnancy-related death.
Still, are the results likely to "bend the cesarean delivery curve for twin pregnancies?