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certiorari (sur·shē··rarˑ·ē),

n a legal appeal of a judicial or administrative decision.
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attorneys, then, the ideal outcome at the certiorari opposition stage is
And, as noted, the attachment of finality occurs when the period for filing a petition for certiorari expires or the Supreme Court denies certiorari.
But that showing, the court said, established no more than that CSX's appeal fell within the general category of cases deserving consideration for a grant of writ of certiorari, which was not sufficient to satisfy the standard for a stay of the court's mandate.
Moreover, voting behavior at the certiorari stage may also represent a fundamental difference in how Justices view the supervisory role of the Supreme Court.
In the past, certiorari petitions were read by one clerk for each justice, any one of whom could recommend a hearing.
This Article addresses these questions by analyzing a data set comprising 273 randomly selected paid civil cases involving petitions for certiorari containing equal protection issues disposed of during the Court's 1981 through 1987 Terms.
With almost four decades of extensive trial experience, Herman has handled and argued complex appeals affecting tax certiorari and condemnation valuation issues.
3d DCA 2011), the Third District joined its sister courts and held that it would no longer grant certiorari review of orders denying motions to dismiss or denying motions for summary judgment in cases in which the sovereign denies liability based on an absence of duty.
Stroock's Tax Certiorari Practice represents commercial, retail, hotel and residential property owners in administrative and judicial proceedings protesting real property assessments in New York City and throughout the nation.
CASK FACTS: This ease involves a petition for writ of certiorari filed by Miami Children's Hospital (Miami Children's) to quash an order denying Miami Children's motion for a protective order and motion to quash a subpoena duces tecum on grounds that the orders of the lower court violate mandatory presuit screening requirements.
Obtaining amicus curiae support from the Solicitor General can be of significant benefit in both obtaining or avoiding Supreme Court review in the first instance, and preparing a case and framing legal arguments for plenary review after certiorari is granted.