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certiorari (sur·shē··rarˑ·ē),

n a legal appeal of a judicial or administrative decision.
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Because of the pending petition for certiorari, Revilla asked the court to defer the reception of evidence.
Why could not [De Lima], in this case, be allowed to avail [herself] of the comprehensive and useful certiorari action even if she did not comply strictly with the procedural rules?
The Study urges practitioners to consider the nature of these patterns in determining whether to petition for certiorari and in framing their certiorari petitions.
With almost four decades of extensive trial experience, Herman has handled and argued complex appeals affecting tax certiorari and condemnation valuation issues.
In their unsuccessful petitions for certiorari, the defendants in both Whirlpool and Butler noted a conflict among courts of appeals as to whether a class should be certified when only some of the class members were injured by the alleged defect in the product.
3d DCA 2011), the Third District joined its sister courts and held that it would no longer grant certiorari review of orders denying motions to dismiss or denying motions for summary judgment in cases in which the sovereign denies liability based on an absence of duty.
In September 1999, the Court granted certiorari in Weisgram v.
A second interesting feature of finality in the Supreme Court--and another point of entry for judicial discretion--is that a denial of certiorari might itself turn out not to be truly final.
In his article, Before you rush to file a petition for writ of certiorari, you'd better think about a stay, published in the September 2010 issue of ISBA's Federal Civil Practice newsletter, Peoria lawyer Ambrose V.
10) Fortunately, Justice Harry Blackmun kept meticulous records, including docket sheets containing the certiorari votes for every Justice while he served on the Supreme Court.