certified prosthetist

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cer·ti·fied pros·the·tist

(CP) (sĕr'ti-fīd pros'thĕ-tist)
A maker and fitter of prosthetic devices who has passed certification according to the standards of one of the several licensing bodies.
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Facilities are assessed within four standards categories -- patient care, organizational, facility safety, and quality assessment and improvement -- and must employ a minimum of one ABC- certified prosthetist and/or orthotist.
San Franciscan Bill Shea, a certified prosthetist and orthotist with Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics, stepped in to donate a prosthetic.
John Sabolich, its president, is a certified prosthetist and orthotist and a respected leader in advanced materials and design technology.
Kymes, a certified prosthetist, has been in orthotics and prosthetics for over 40 years and has been very active in state, regional and national O&P associations.
Benecke, a certified prosthetist and orthotist, has been with the company since 1948 and has owned the company since 1969.
Former owner Matt Keller is both a certified prosthetist and certified orthotist and is currently the president of the Florida Association of Orthotics and Prosthetics.
As the certified prosthetists and orthotists who practice in patient care facilities and the orthotic and prosthetic manufacturers who develop the technology and create the components for artificial limbs and customized bracing that restore mobility, we are in a unique position to offer needed assistance.
The Personal Bionic Tuning[TM] capabilities enable certified prosthetists to further enhance the user experience by adjusting natural movements to personal preference within normative human performance standards.
The mobile team from Advanced Arm Dynamics, which consists of certified prosthetists, technicians, a patient coordinator and an occupational therapist, has been working with WRAMC for the last three years and has provided upper extremity prosthetic care to more than 125 upper extremity amputee soldiers.
We were finishing up the fitting Thursday as Hurricane Rita roared in, so Jean Gonzalez, one of our Certified Prosthetists, invited the family to ride out the storm in her home.

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