certified pharmacy technician

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cer·ti·fied phar·ma·cy tech·ni·cian

(CPhT) (sĕr'ti-fīd fahr'mă-sē tek-ni'shŭn)
A pharmacy technician who has successfully passed the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) examination.
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In the end, one of the factors that kept the four organizations on track was the tight focus on the certification program's primary objective: to enable certified pharmacy technicians to work more effectively with pharmacists for better patient care and service.
The classroom environment and dedicated training staff at Job Corps were very helpful in teaching me what I needed to know in order to become a certified pharmacy technician," Szopinski remarks.
Medco has replaced over 100 certified pharmacy technicians with uncertified temporary employees since the lockout began.
We're a small community pharmacy that is doing things that only large corporate pharmacies are capable of doing," he says, citing the addition of robots and certified pharmacy technicians as two examples of how Eden Drug has increased its efficiency to a point where it is on par with national chains.
Medco has illegally locked out about 500 USW Local 675 members at the Las Vegas facility, and has replaced over 100 certified pharmacy technicians with uncertified temporary employees.
Our certified pharmacy technicians can help people thoroughly understand their options and plan for upcoming prescription expenses.
MTM will mean reorganizing the work flow in pharmacies around tasks that can be completed by certified pharmacy technicians, assisted by automated dispensing machines.
The pharmacy is staffed by three licensed pharmacists, four certified pharmacy technicians, two cashiers and incorporates the latest automation technology.
Use of Certified Pharmacy Technicians and automation is being maximized, and creative scheduling is providing periods of overlap for pharmacists so that one can cover the dispensing operation while a second provides MTM services to patients.
Innoviant's services include group set-up, benefit structure, preferred products list management, electronic claim processing and customer service staffed by Certified Pharmacy Technicians.
The original version of the RxSchool web site was launched over a year ago and has already provided thousands of pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians with access to continuing education courses.

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