certified medical assistant

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cer·ti·fied med·i·cal as·sis·tant

(CMA) (sĕr'ti-fīd medi-kăl ă-sis'tănt)
A health care professional whose skills have been verified by meeting examination standards set by a national board.
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In addition to providing for delegation of routine and specialized nursing duties under specified conditions, the nursing rules permit an advanced nurse practitioner to delegate administration of injectable medication to a certified medical assistant.
for the spring workshop, almost a third of the respondents were certified medical assistants, and a similar proportion were RNs and LPNs (Figure II).
Implementation of this scope of practice request would enhance the ability of certified medical assistants to practice to the full extent of the profession's education and training.
However, only certified medical assistants would be allowed to perform this critical function; therefore, many current medical assistants and those studying to become medical assistants will need to become certified to meet this change in the job requirement.
The certified medical assistants who will replace the RNs are prohibited by skill level and by law from providing nearly all the duties assigned to the nurses, leaving the single nurse and physician with unsafe patient assignments and significantly less time to evaluate and treat each patient.
As AMT certified medical assistants, RMAs, we need to embrace the AMT Vision which is to be acknowledged and recognized by the world as truly being THE premier certification and membership organization for allied health professionals, particularly those in the professions of medical technology, phlebotomy, medical assisting, dental assisting and medical office administration.
Each SmartCare Center is staffed by nurse practitioners and certified medical assistants, with an on-call physician.
Staffed by Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Certified Medical Assistants, SmartCare Centers treat common ailments such as sore throats, ear infections and seasonal allergies while also providing preventative services such as flu shots and other vaccines, school and employment physicals, and cholesterol screenings.

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