certified dental assistant

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certified dental assistant (CDA)

a person who has successfully completed the education, training, and testing of the Dental Assisting National Examination or of the American Dental Assistants Association. A dental assistant may also become certified without receiving a formal education by working for 2 years as a full-time chairside dental assistant before taking the certification examination. See also dental assistant.

certified dental assistant (CDA),

n a person who has completed the Certification Board of the American Dental Assistant Association (ADAA).
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Rexroat, is a Certified Dental Assistant and Certified Dental Practice Management Administrator, with a Master's in Administration of Educational Programs and Educational Leadership.
Students in this initial class will be registered dental hygienists or certified dental assistants who want to broaden their abilities to help more people in their communities.
Sherwood Dental has friendly and certified dental assistants who have extreme patience complimenting Julian's winning personality.
ADA's solution--creating OPAs and CDHCs--seeks to increase access to oral health care by creating two new dental team members who possess expanded work capacities of certified dental assistants (CDAs).
The first entering class will accept only registered dental hygienists and certified dental assistants.
Dentists, dental hygienists, certified dental assistants, physicians, nurses and anyone who qualifies by completing department training may screen.
According to the Ohio State Dental Board, to be eligible for the program, students must be certified dental assistants or registered dental hygienists.
Certified dental assistants could qualify as "community dental health coordinators" following board-approved education.
The PDA is seeking an expansion of duties for certified dental assistants and expanded function dental assistants.
Certified dental assistants with the expanded duties of placing sealants and scaling supragingivally in private offices allowing the dental hygienist time to do more complicated procedures.

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