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certificate-of-necessity, certificate-of-need (CON)

a statement or certificate issued by a governmental agency for proposed construction or modification of a health facility that ensures that the facility will be needed at the time of its completion. The certificate is issued to the individual or group intending to build or modify the facility for additional services. The process is intended to prevent duplication of services in a community.
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Contemporary Impact of State Certificate-of-Need Regulations for Cardiac Surgery: An Analysis Using the Society of Thoracic Surgeons' National Cardiac Surgery Database.
As per the report, on 24 September, Tennessee Health Services and Development Agency sanctioned a certificate-of-need application for Vanderbilt University Hospital for adding 108 beds.
While Fitch acknowledges that stabilizing occupancy rates, a long-term demand for services, and certificate-of-need barriers to new facilities and beds are in providers' favor, likely reductions in Medicaid reimbursement, increasing labor and insurance costs, growing capital needs, and more governmental scrutiny continue their pinch.
Particularly since such regulatory approaches as hospital rate-setting, (2) price controls, (3) and certificate-of-need legislation (4) had proven to be dismal failures in constraining the rise of health costs.
3 million) of a renovation and construction project called the Renaissance Project, some of which includes a certificate-of-need approved construction project that is being financed with proceeds from FAHC's series 2000A bonds.
I must respectfully disagree with Reta Underwood's contention that states such as Ohio should do away with their certificate-of-need (CON) policies regulating the number of beds available for licensure and certification ("Where Do Nursing Facilities Go Wrong?
These included rate setting agencies for providers and national certificate-of-need requirements.
Venture acquisition is comparatively small, it is important to note that two of the newly acquired MRI units are located in Missouri, a certificate-of-need state that limits the number of MRI units.
Federal health planning legislation adopted creating certificate-of-need.
For my part, I once believed it was a strong plus to have certificate-of-need (CON) regulation and reasonable government reimbursement, but since the Balanced Budget Amendment of 1997, I think both have risk as well as opportunity.
According to the AARP report, in 1995, 45 states regulated the growth of the nursing home sector through a certificate-of-need process or a moratorium on building new facilities.
He has been practicing in the long-term care field for several years and advises clients on such issues as regulatory compliance, certification and licensure, certificate-of-need, reimbursement, civil suits and general business planning.

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