certificate of eligibility

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certificate of eligibility,

n an official identification card or similar document issued to program beneficiaries as evidence of entitlement to services.
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Two others, a private tutor and an insurance agent, failed in their attempts to obtain a certificate of eligibility to run, but both protested their disqualification at the nomination center.
A project's eligibility would be determined by the certificate of eligibility, and that date is keyed to the date of the building permit, which the DOF does not yet know.
Be sure to complete the certificate of eligibility to ensure that your vote is fully counted
If this notice or technical specification as shore of the tender document specified brand or origin of things or specific procedure refers to the terms of the also purchase object, equivalent to the brand or origin of things, the procedure contracting Acceptability in public procurement certificate of eligibility and exclusion Criteria and 321/2015 on the Method of Determining the procurement technical specification.
We have given Ms Mallari all her transfer credentials as provided for and as required by law, the lawyer said, referring to the transcript of record and certificate of eligibility that also indicated that she was class salutatorian.
Presidential aspirants have to obtain a certificate of eligibility before they can run in the election.
Applicants for the promotional examinations should also submit the first three aforementioned requirements, a certified true copy of attested appointment, plantilla appointment or PNP absorption order; and a report of rating or certification issued by the Napolcom central office, certificate of eligibility from the Civil Service Commission or a board certificate from the Professional Regulation Commission.
said, "We are pleased to have received this certificate of eligibility under the GPCE from Investment Quebec and believe this further enhances our commitment to our Montreal operations.
In addition, the Psychosocial Support Processing (PSP) Team of DSWD-FO II is assisting the Social Welfare and Development (SWDA) Office in Batanes and the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) in Batan Island for the facilitation of documentary requirements such as General Intake Sheet (GIS) and Certificate of Eligibility that are needed for the immediate release of financial aid under the Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA) and Cash-for-Work (CFW) to the affected families.
They should also bring their accomplished Civil Service Personal Data Sheet, two 2x2 ID pictures and a whole body picture with white background, two valid IDs, authenticated birth certificate, transcript of records and diploma, certificate of eligibility and board rating, and local clearances.
Pursuant to the MOA, the DSWD shall transfer funds to the city government in accordance with pertinent laws, review the quarterly updated list of eligible senior citizens submitted by the city, prepare the certificate of eligibility duly approved by the regional director as basis in the preparation of payroll by the city government.
Bidders must be pre-qualified by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and present an IDOT issued Certificate of Eligibility with the bid proposal.

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