certificate holder

certificate holder,

n 1. the person, usually the employee, who represents the family unit covered by the dental benefits program; other family members are referred to as
dependents. 2. generally refers to a subscriber of a traditional indemnity program.
3. in reference to the program for dependents of active-duty military personnel, the certificate holder is called the
sponsor. See also subscriber. Synonyms: subscriber, enrollee.
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When required by the certificate holder, this addendum should be used to supplement the ACORD 25 with more information about the policy's coverage.
These finalised restrictions will apply if the former FAA employee directly served as or was responsible for the oversight of a Flight Standards Service aviation safety inspector and had direct responsibility to inspect, or oversee the inspection of, the operations of the certificate holder.
When you click the link you eventually learn that there is an interesting opportunity for an educational certificate holder, but that isn't immediately apparent.
A digital certificate is an electronic document that uniquely identities the certificate holder.
Another bill, that was to being discussed by the City Council last Friday, March 22nd, would permit the city to obtain a court order transferring the deed to a third party - presumably the lien certificate holder - after four quarters of arrearages.
Hoffman also resigned from serving as Trustee of the Mesabi Land Trust, of which the Mesabi Trust is the sole Trust Certificate holder, effective October 28, 2009.
This shift in responsibility increases the agent's vulnerability to lawsuits should a certificate holder not receive a notice.
The rating for the Group 5 class was withdrawn following the July 17, 2009 exchange of the Group 5 certificates for the underlying collateral by the certificate holder.
Education Servicing, LLC for the sole purpose of acquiring, holding, and managing student loans originated under FFELP, issuing the above mentioned Trust certificate, and making distributions to the certificate holder (U.
05 of the Indenture provides that a successor Trustee may be appointed by any State or Federal District Court holding terms in Houston, Harris County, Texas, upon the application of any Certificate Holder.
Marshall resigned from serving as Trustee of the Mesabi Land Trust, of which the Mesabi Trust is the sole Trust Certificate holder.
7 million account and certificate holders, out of which more than 38% are the individual investments of less than Rs 100,000,and help expand National Savings consumer base further, particularly women which already are more than half of the customer-base.

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