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In our study, the ischemia induced by cerebral embolism showed a significant decrease of neuronal immunoreactivity in the cortex and hippocampus (CA1) while the astrocytic hyper-reactivity was maximal.
Our case report illustrates the utility of CT in detecting calcific cerebral embolism following aortic-valve replacement.
Intravenous drug abuse carries a high risk of stroke due to cerebral embolisms.
Cardiac hydatid cysts can cause life-threatening complications such as cerebral embolism, cardiac failure, and cyst rupture, and thus the establishment of an early diagnosis and the performance of a timely, potentially curative, surgical intervention are of paramount importance (7).
A CEREBRAL embolism, in which a blood clot forms in a blood vessel elsewhere, for instance in the leg or the heart, and is carried in the bloodstream to the brain.
Diffusion weighted MRI of the brain performed 3 hours after the procedure excluded cerebral embolism.