cerebral arterial circle

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a round figure, structure, or part.
Berry's c's charts with circles on them for testing stereoscopic vision.
cerebral arterial circle circle of Willis.
Minsky's circle a device for the graphic recording of eye lesions.
sensory circle a body area within which it is impossible to distinguish separately the impressions arising from two sites of stimulation.
circle of Willis the anastomotic loop of blood vessels near the base of the brain. Called also cerebral arterial circle.

ce·re·bral ar·te·ri·al cir·cle

the roughly pentagonally shaped circle of vessels on the ventral aspect of the brain in the area of the optic chiasm, hypothalamus, and interpeduncular fossa; formed, sequentially and in an anterior to posterior direction, by the anterior communicating artery and by the two anterior cerebral, the two internal carotid, the two posterior communicating, and proximal segments of the two posterior cerebral arteries.


pertaining to an artery or to the arteries.

arterial anomaly
see arteriovenous fistula, portacaval shunt.
arterial baroreceptors
pressure-sensitive receptors in the blood vessels which initiate changes in blood volume; include low-pressure receptors in great veins and high-pressure receptors in carotid and aortic bodies.
arterial blood pressure
cerebral arterial circle
arterial circle created by the conjunction of the caudal communicating artery and the rostral cerebral artery. It encircles the optic chiasma and the hypophysis. Called also the circle of Willis.
cilial arterial circle
the circle of arteries in the ciliary muscle of the eye of birds.
arterial degeneration
includes arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis.
direct arterial blood pressure
direct measurement via a manometer inserted into the artery; procedure suited only to experimental procedures.
arterial embolism
arterial hypertrophy
hypertrophy of any or all layers of the arterial wall. Usually a response to an increased work load, e.g. in collateral arteries after occlusion of a main supply artery; may be associated with regional, e.g. pulmonary, hypertension.
indirect arterial blood pressure
see arterial blood pressure.
arterial inflammation
iridial arterial circle
the arterial circle at the periphery of the iris.
arterial mineralization
see mineralization, intimal bodies.
arterial pulse
see pulse.
arterial rupture
traumatic rupture is more common than spontaneous rupture; the latter occurs in uterine arteries of hypocuprotic old mares at parturition, in dogs infested with Spirocerca lupi, in internal or maxillary arteries ulcerated by fungal infection in horses causing fatal hemorrhage into the guttural pouch.
arterial thromboembolism
see embolism, thrombosis, verminous mesenteric arteritis, saddle thrombus.
arterial thrombosis
the presence of a thrombus in an artery. See also thrombosis.