cerebral angiography

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ce·re·bral an·gi·og·ra·phy

radiographic visualization of the blood vessels supplying the brain, including their extracranial portions; the injection of contrast medium may be made percutaneously, by open exposure and puncture of the carotid artery or by catheterization after introduction of the catheter at a distant site.

cerebral angiography

Etymology: L, cerebrum, brain; Gk, angeion, vessel, graphein, to record
a radiographic procedure used to visualize the vascular system of the brain after injection of a radiopaque contrast medium.

cerebral angiography

Imaging The injection of radiocontrast into the carotid artery, to evaluate the need for endarterectomy due to ASHD

ce·re·bral an·gi·og·raphy

(serĕ-brăl an-jē-ogră-fē)
Radiographic visualization of the blood vessels supplying the brain, including their extracranial portions.

Cerebral angiography

A medical test in which an x-ray visible dye is injected into blood vessels to allow them to be imaged on an x ray.
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5 However this was the infancy, from which cerebral angiography grew to become the gold standard of neurovascular imaging.
Digital subtraction cerebral angiography was performed, revealing an intriguing vascular lesion with active bleeding from the right PCA [Figure 4].
6%) were validated as supplementary (Agitation, Impaired cognition, Intracranial pressure, Syncope, Vomiting, Cerebral angiography findings, Headache, Restlessness, Fever, Unexplained anxiety, listlessness and Hiccughs) and one indicator (5.
Given this result, we performed a new cerebral angiography that confirmed the total occlusion of the aneurysm and the posterior cerebral artery (Figure 2B-D-F).
All 3 patients with an internal carotid artery aneurysm were managed with cerebral angiography and endovascular stenting.
Cerebral angiography established acute MCA occlusions in all cases (Figures 1-A, 2-A).
However, in women who have postpartum cerebral angiopathy, cerebral angiography will show the presence of bead-like vasoconstriction--which is usually absent in eclampsia.
While addressing the concluding ceremony of two days training workshop of neuro angiography at Lahore General Hospital, He said that three dimensional cerebral angiography done through the machine would enable health professionals to diagnose and treat clots, tumors and hemorrhages with a minimum of radiation exposure, thus improving pre and post operative care.
Select contrast studies: portal venography and cerebral angiography.
Computed tomography (CT) revealed infarction with hemorrhagic conversion and cerebral angiography revealed a mycotic aneurysm.
However, there are now diagnostic screening tests such as cerebral angiography, CT angiography, and MR angiography to help detect the problem and guide treatment decisions.
Cerebral angiography was performed via the femoral artery, which showed the tumour was supplied by the bilateral internal carotid arteries, bilateral vertebral arteries, left occipital artery, left superficial temporal artery and left middle meningeal vessels.