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Nonetheless, the demand for hot cereals is predicted to expand by 2019 owing to the rapidly growing utilization of these cereals in Asian countries.
And those who ate a high-sugar cereal ended up downing twice as much added sugar per breakfast than those who ate a low-sugar cereal, even when researchers added in the sugar that the kids got from any sugar packets they used.
The selector encourages visitors to print their results where they will receive a coupon to use at any Cereal Bowl location.
And of all the items consumed in the morning for breakfast, cereal is the most common.
But it said sugar levels were "shockingly high" and it was "particularly worrying" that so many high-sugar cereals were still being marketed to children.
Dorset Cereals was acquired by Langholm Capital, the mid market specialist consumer private equity fund, in a management buy-in in April 2005.
report into the salt and sugar content of breakfast cereals misrepresents the contribution made by breakfast cereals to the diet.
One reason is that eating cold cereals is linked to lower levels of homocysteine, the metabolic substance whose presence in the bloodstream is an independent risk factor for heart disease.
At least 95 percent of Americans eat cereal, and although that statistic comes from cereal makers themselves, anecdotal evidence shows that there is plenty of enthusiasm for this most simple of meals.
They also conclude that the antibodies appear more frequently in infants who consume cereals before 3 months of age than in those who first eat cereals between 3 and 7 5 months of age.
The cereal grower levy remains at 40p (plus VAT) per tonne on cereals sold into intervention by a grower directly or through an intermediary
Luis De Alcuaz, executive vice president of strawberry processor Cal Pacific, said the new cereals have had ``a major, major, major impact.