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cen·tum (c),

One hundred.
[L. one hundred]


(c) (sen'tŭm)
L. hundred.
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For new plants, INtools users first download CENTUM CS 3000 I/O card specifications and field instrument definitions from the Web to populate the INtools engineering database.
Boyd Soussanna, CEO, Reliant, concurs: "Working with Centum Financial Group Inc.
For more information about Centum Financial Group Inc.
This will give the company an opportunity to test its new mortgage system as well as to build and solidify our relationship with Centum, a leader in the mortgage industry.
Although the launch was limited to a select group of Reliant Mortgage Lending Partners within the Centum Financial Group, the initial response has been tremendous as nearly $10 million (CDN) worth of mortgage applications were received within the first three weeks.
These modules are compatible with legacy CENTUM systems such as CENTUM-XL and Micro XL.
BCD, located at Centum City in Haewoondae-Gu of Busan, Korea, will be finished in February 2007 and will become a one-stop service and advanced design development center for the region.
Future Development: With Centum VP as its core platform, Yokogawa continues to develop a variety of production control systems.
Yokogawa will supply its flagship products, the CENTUM VP production control system and the ProSafe-RS safety system for the petrochemical complex.
Following completion of this preliminary phase and a decision to go ahead with the project, Yokogawa will proceed to supply its CENTUM VP integrated production control system and the ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system as the MAC.
The Fat Duck in London, named as the second best restaurant in the world, added our Centum and 900 Fume Blanc wines to its menu," Enis Guner, a member of Sevilen Wines Executive Board, told AA correspondent.
He said that uninterrupted study with regular sessions, attention in school and enrichment programmes made him to score centum in maths and computer science.