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As the speed of the bat increases, the action of the force become more normal to the path of the hands as the batter pulls harder on the bat to maintain a circular path and reacts to the bats centripetal force.
Instead of sweeping their growing internal contradictions under the carpet of hundreds of technical committees producing an avalanche of paper on mostly inconsequential matters, host Cyprus and its EU guests should face head on the challenge of reversing the growing centrifugal forces in both Cyprus an the EU; they must be turned again into the centripetal forces that the European project was meant to create for the entire Europe?
In a crisis, particularly in one that is high-stakes and visible, one might most expect the centripetal forces that Savoie describes to overcome Trudeau's personal commitment to rational management.
These "cheap intellectual tricks" as even the authors call them (Fujita & Krugman 2004), represented the simplest possible way (at that moment) of developing "a new general-equilibrium machinery" to enable them to explain how the geographical structure of an economy is shaped by the tension between centripetal forces which together "pull" business and centrifugal forces, which "push" out, and explain these forces in terms of fundamental microeconomic decisions.
Whether the result of centripetal forces, the pursuit of an ideal or the exercise of denial, the other judgments become 'objects of consciousness'; they are not simply discarded, but are utilised by each individual judge to help carve out his/her own distinctive position.
It has been observed in the calculations that the inertial forces, centripetal forces and Coriolis forces are very effective on the transverse vibration depending on the speed of the mass, and the curvature of the beam.
In this type of political climate, the Russian flank is going to distance itself from the Western one, from the German one in a smaller extent, from extremely complex reasons, while another type of centripetal forces are going to inflict political and economic mutations, as well as equilibriums left fragile through flexible and active subterfuges.
SNAPPY soundbite of the week: "The centrifugal forces are stronger than the centripetal forces and we've got to overcome that" - Rhodri Morgan shows what he's been learning from Barack Obama's slogan-driven US election campaign.
Trends" are typically the result of both centrifugal and centripetal forces, and Penn's assumption that the former are increasingly undermining rather than reflecting or underlying the latter isn't self-evidently correct.
Canon-making may have been a goal of the SLA in its early years, but centripetal forces quickly foiled that aim.
Analogous to a collection of marbles resting on the floor of a spinning merry-go-round, the giant stars contained within a swirling galaxy must have centripetal forces preventing them from careening off into space.
The centripetal forces of expansion and migration caused great strains in England itself.