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Before the RTM, a most important parameter, rotation centrifugal forces acting on seals, could not be included in data analysis.
To assure passenger comfort, a computerized tilting system banks each car to counter centrifugal forces while the train travels through curves at high speeds.
Bakhtin's distinction between the centripetal and centrifugal forces in language may help explain the tendency of public discourse to marginalize competing authorities and refuse the objectivity that would recognize alternative readings of history and the news.
Tri-Air has found that the use of an air-flow guide which imparts rotation to the air increases the efficiency of the non-thermal plasma cell due to the centrifugal forces acting on particles contained within the air passing through the cell.
In a political world spinning centrifugal forces is centralization the answer?
Centrifugal forces separate out the particles which are spun into a clear plastic bin, forming a visible rising tide of dirt.
Operating through on-board computers that sense the curvature of the track, this active tilting system also helps counteract strong centrifugal forces and gives passengers a comfortable ride.
Since the high speed of a car wheel causes enormous centrifugal forces, a TPM module needs to be very small and may not exceed a weight of 35 grams.
Imagine taking a sharp corner in a simulated Indy car and feeling real centrifugal forces.