centre of gravity

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cen·ter of grav·i·ty

(COG) (sen'tĕr grav'i-tē)
The point on a body or system where, if pressure equal to the weight of the object is applied, forces acting on the object will be in equilibrium; the point around which the mass is centered; the location of the COG in an adult human being in the anatomic position is just anterior to the second sacral vertebra.
Synonym(s): centre of gravity.

centre of gravity

; CG point within a body through which gravitational force acts; each body segment has an individual CG, but the overall CG of the static human body lies just superior to the navel, with the line of gravitational force directed downwards between the medial malleoli and just anterior to the ankle joint (through talonavicular joint); thus the erect body is stable; CG position changes continuously in relation to body movements; forward body motion is initiated when the CG is projected forward and the line of gravitational force falls beyond the body outline
  • trajectory of CG body CG follows a smooth up/down and side-to-side trajectory during gait (5 cm up/down, 5 cm side/side at normal walking speed [60 strides per minute; 1 m/second] in adults, reflects the magnitude and direction of the ground reaction forces); low point of CG trajectory coincides with double support phase; upper point of CG trajectory coincides with midpoints of single support phases; CG trajectory moves to the right from the midpoint of the single support phase of the left leg to the midpoint of the single support phase of the right leg, and vice versa, maintained by postural reflexes

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The dialectometric base of the method is to constitute centres of gravity: by adding all x and y coordinates of the localities of an area and dividing both sums by the number of the localities one arrives at the coordinates of the centre of gravity of that area.
Its position determines how stable an aircraft is in flight and as the centre of gravity moves further back the aircraft becomes more and more unstable.
By 2010, the centre of gravity was in the western Mediterranean.
The centre of gravity feature is excellent for loading and unloading, especially offshore from the dock to the ship and from the ship to the rig.
Hiking, climbing and activities that challenge one's centre of gravity such as dancing or involve balancing on one leg ( like tai chi) can also keep you steady on your feet.
Bejan and Jones cite past studies of the human body which found that on average, the centre of gravity is about three percent higher in blacks than whites.
Salmond said: "The centre of gravity in Scottish politics is not currently independence.

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