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The dialectometric base of the method is to constitute centres of gravity: by adding all x and y coordinates of the localities of an area and dividing both sums by the number of the localities one arrives at the coordinates of the centre of gravity of that area.
Its position determines how stable an aircraft is in flight and as the centre of gravity moves further back the aircraft becomes more and more unstable.
By 2010, the centre of gravity was in the western Mediterranean.
The centre of gravity feature is excellent for loading and unloading, especially offshore from the dock to the ship and from the ship to the rig.
Hiking, climbing and activities that challenge one's centre of gravity such as dancing or involve balancing on one leg ( like tai chi) can also keep you steady on your feet.
Bejan and Jones cite past studies of the human body which found that on average, the centre of gravity is about three percent higher in blacks than whites.
Salmond said: "The centre of gravity in Scottish politics is not currently independence.

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