central vein

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central vein

A near-extinct term of uncertain utility that dignfies a vein located at the centre of an organ.

central vein

The vein that accompanies the central artery inside the optic nerve.
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pertaining to a center; located at the midpoint.

central artery
of the optic nerve, the source of the retinal artery. See also Table 9.
central channel
the fast-flowing channel through the capillary bed, the rate controlled by the metarterioles which exert a sphincter-like action on the system.
central convulsions
convulsions arising from stimulation of the central nervous system, as distinct from those caused by lesions elsewhere.
central cord syndrome
injury to the central portion of the cervical spinal cord resulting in disproportionately more weakness or paralysis in the forelimbs than in the hindlimbs; pathological change is caused by hemorrhage or edema.
central diabetes insipidus
central European tick-borne encephalitis
central layer
central of the three layers of gray matter in the cerebellum; the principal cell type is piriform.
central nervous system
see central nervous system.
central peripheral neuropathy
see Boxer progressive axonopathy.
central progressive retinal atrophy
see central progressive retinal atrophy.
central projection law
the laws of physics applied to the primary x-ray beam of photons, e.g. the closer the object being x-rayed is to the film the sharper will be its definition.
central respiratory oscillator
pool of nerve cells in the pons and medulla oblongata which are responsible for the rhythmic to-and-fro movements of respiration.
central retinal degeneration
see retinal.
central sulcus
fissure of Rolando.
central tarsal bone
the bone of the hock which lies between the proximal and distal rows of tarsal bones.
central tendon of diaphragm
see diaphragmatic tendon.
central vein
the centrally placed drainage vessel of each hepatic lobule, receiving blood from the hepatic sinusoids.
central venous catheterization
insertion of an indwelling catheter into a central vein for the purpose of administering fluid and medications and for the measurement of central venous pressure (see below).
central venous pressure (CVP)
the pressure of blood in the right atrium, measured by an in situ catheter in the right atrium, is a much better guide of the degree of vasogenic peripheral failure than is arterial blood pressure. The technique is used mainly in dogs and cats.
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7A and B) and showed hepatic cells with well-preserved cytoplasm, nucleus, nucleolus and central vein (Fig.
The endothelium of the central veins, small portions of sinusoidal endothelium, and a few interstitial cells were positive for endoglin in the healthy livers by immunostaining (Figure 4); however, any kind of vascular endothelium was negative for endoglin in the HHT liver (data not shown).
In patients with ipsilateral arteriovenous hemodialysis access, high blood flow may overwhelm the capacity of the compromised central veins resulting in symptomatic and clinically significant venous hypertension more frequently due to pacemaker-related CVO.
During the outpatient procedure, the interventional radiologist inserts a thin catheter, about the size of a strand of spaghetti, into a central vein and guides it to the affected vein(s) using X-ray guidance.
HeRO is quickly becoming a standard of care for catheter-dependent hemodialysis patients who have failed other access options due to venous outflow obstruction such as central vein stenosis," says Patrick Wethington, Hemosphere President and CEO.
Emulsion for parenteral nutrition infusion premix three-chamber, with 2,400 ml basal electrolytes with input from 1,700 kcal, for infusion into a central vein,emulsion for parenteral nutrition infusion premix three-chamber, without electrolytes baseline of 1,026 ml with 900 kcal intake, for infusion into a central vein.
At Doris North, the most significant developments were the definition of the Hinge Zone over a strike length of 325m, and the numerous multi-ounce intercepts in the Central vein.
Title: Identifying Common Causes and Practical Solutions for Decreasing Central Vein Catheter Dependence for Hemodialysis Access Presenter: Mary Isambert
The discovery of the high grade, significantly thickened Hinge Zone and the definition of the very high grade, near surface Central Vein at Doris North was a major achievement of the 2000 Hope Bay work program.
Highlights from the latest set of results include several exceptional intercepts of multi-ounce gold values within the Central vein,'' said Tony Walsh, Miramar's President and CEO.
Consistent with CMS policy, the avoidable hospital conditions that CIGNA has identified as potentially non-reimbursable are: objects left inside a patient during surgery; air embolism, or sudden artery blockage from air bubbles introduced during surgery; use of the wrong blood type during transfusions; infections from urinary catheters; pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores; infections from central vein catheters; mediastinitis, an often fatal inflammation in lung tissue; and hospital-acquired injuries, such as fractures, dislocations, and burns.

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