central pattern generator

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cen·tral pat·tern gen·er·a·tor

(sen'trăl pat'ĕrn jen'ĕr-ā-tŏr)
Theoretic network of neurons in the brain or spinal cord that are involved in the activation and use of a group of muscles during a patterned movement.
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The central pattern generator (CPG) is the part which generates the rhythmic oscillations required for the locomotion in almost all vertebrates.
Pinter, "Evidence for a spinal central pattern generator in humans," Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, vol.
Evidence that the central pattern generator for swimming in Tritonia arose from a non-rhythmic neuromodulatory arousal system: implications for the evolution of specialized behavior.
Sensory feedback to the central pattern generators help the human adapt the stride to changing conditions.
Target-specific regulation of synaptic efficacy in the feeding central pattern generator of Aplysia: potential substrates for behavioral plasticity?
Central pattern generator mediating swimming in Tritonia.
Neuromodulation of the crab pyloric central pattern generator by serotonergic/cholinergic proprioceptive aferents.
Objective: Spinal cord injury (SCI) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) are nervous system maladies that impair the function of spinal central pattern generators for locomotion.
Fernando Herrero, one of the Spanish researchers, said that the rhythmic impulses are known as central pattern generators (CPGs), and are among the best known of all neural circuits.
In addition to promoting ambulation by facilitating control of gait by upper brain centers, central pattern generators may contribute to improving walking performance in persons with SCI who undergo underwater treadmill training.

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