central inhibition

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cen·tral in·hi·bi·tion

suppression or diminution of outgoing impulses from a reflex center.
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The strongest evidence is for increased central sensitization and decreased central inhibition of pain signals.
Quell triggers a central inhibition effect that "turns down the volume" of pain signals by stimulating the sensory nerves, which causes the brain to release endogenous opioids that ultimately reduce pain signal transmission.
Central inhibition of PDE-11 can cause cerebral vasodilatation and migraine attacks.
Loss of central inhibition has been hypothesized to underpin tinnitus and impact auditory acuity.
The evidence to date indicates that its antimanic effect is primarily attributable to this central inhibition of protein kinase C signaling rather than the antiestrogenic action that has long made the drug a mainstay in the field of breast cancer, according to Dr.
In this article we address the question of whether semantic ambiguity resolution involves the central inhibition of the non-selected meaning of a homograph.
Our previous experimental and clinical observations indicate that a positive ice-water test represents a release from central inhibition, analogous to the release of the Babinski sign after pyramidal tract lesions |12, 18, 19~.
While no single set of data or hypothesis explains all involuntary contractions or occurrences of urgency/frequency, four concepts seem to be valid: 1) patients with OAB have faulty central inhibition, which leads to enhancement of excitatory neurotransmission in the micturition reflex pathway (neurogenic); 2) there is partial denervation of smooth muscle, which leads to co-ordinated myogenic contractions and increased bladder pressure (myogenic); 3) there is a "leaking" of acetylcholine from parasympathetic nerves during filling/storage, which leads to afferent activation (neurogenic-myogenic); and 4) abnormal signals originating in the urothelium are influenced by generation and release of local mediators (e.

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