central feature

central feature,

n in homeopathy, the most crucial or essential aspect of an inclusive hierarchy of information gathered to form a diagnosis. The central feature increases the likelihood of a successful prescription.
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The central feature of the film is a haunting song written and produced by 17-year-old Richard Morgan.
of Southern California) argues that oath-swearing is a central feature of Tudor thinking.
But the central feature is Cachao and his double bass.
Their central feature, he writes, is "the diachronic unfolding of key ideas, which gradually crystallize to form a cohesive and characteristic theological response" (xviii).
As a result, a central feature of the transaction was the creation of a trusteeship which received by assignment the rental stream from the GSA lease as collateral for the loan.
When will a UWB device have a big breakout year in the mass market and become a central feature of the digital living room?
Civic officials claim the revamp will turn the square into a major attraction and central feature to rival those in major cities.
A VICTORIAN villa is to be restored as a central feature of a new housing development on a former college site.
A central feature of the strategy is the need to reduce the unacceptably high level of child pedestrian casualties - where we contrast unfavourably with our European neighbours
Mr Pye is travelling from London on Monday to see his eight water sculptures in place as the central feature of Alnwick Garden's new attraction, the Serpent Garden.
Held at Winfrey's neighbour's house in the Rivern Rock Estate, the swimming pool was a central feature of the bash, with white awnings and decorated tables and chairs surrounding it.
Its central feature will be a London plane tree, which is being shipped in from Germany.

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