central body

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A zone of cytoplasm containing one or two centrioles but devoid of other organelles; usually located near the nucleus of a cell.
[cyto- + G. kentron, center]

central body

(1) Centriole, see there. 
(2) Centrosome, see there.
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Central Body, after getting permission from the Council of Ministers, which has the authority to apply further restrictions totaling up to five years, then further extended Suu Kyi's house arrest for four and a half years until May 27, 2009, he said.
Noting that the two banking groups viewed the stake in CNP Assurances as a long-term strategic asset and that they had no intention of selling it, he stated that the transfer of the shares to the new central body would in no way alter the contractual relationship between the Savings Banks and CNP Assurances, or the balance of shareholders' interests in CNP Assurances' capital.
As for the location of fat, waist circumference is considered a good measure of central body fat stores.
The Area has also to appoint its own development officer having received funding from the central body.
The 'World Cup of Motorsport' was to be a cheaper alternative to F1 with a franchise-style setup where teams get their cars, parts, tyres etc from a central body.
Matter from the disk then falls onto the central body, which becomes massive and dense enough to ignite nuclear reactions.
After adjustment for age, alcohol consumption, geographical region, gender, race, household income, and educational attainment, cirrhosis deaths or hospitalizations among study participants with a central body fat distribution were more common among obese persons and over-weight persons than in normal-weight persons.
It could see planning strategies and regional transport policies for Liverpool, Warrington and Manchester decided by a central body of elected representatives.
Specifically, the central body and covers of the device's measuring unit are being produced from Ultraform N 2320 003 POM supplied by BASF.
The central body does the buying and selling on behalf of the six national networks and handles the payments for them.
Bankruptcy Court Judge Manuel Barbosa will hear arguments in mid-June for and against separating that business from the central body of the company in Rockford, which includes the Fulton Avenue main plant and a smaller site on Pike Road.
McCarthy added: "Our findings suggest that the accumulation of central body fat has risen more steeply than whole body fatness based on weight and height.

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