central apparatus

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cen·tral ap·pa·ra·tus

the centrosome and centrosphere.
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Procurement Acquisition of Equipment for Voice and Data Communications Networks Serving Units of Mai Central Apparatus - Switch 48 Port
All illegal residents who are yet to adjust their status in the country are advised to visit the headquarters of the central apparatus to take the necessary measures," he said.
Description of project : Completion of planned works in Vignale, Boschetto and Novara Centrale including General Regulatory Plan (PRG) and the Computerised Central Apparatus ( CCA ) for controlling and managing all station plant (signals, points, level crossings): the intervention allows to increase the Novara Boschetto transfer station capacity, to upgrade Vignale in order to manage trains of 740m and to run trains in Novara Centrale in accordance with maximum safety requirements
KUWAIT, Nov 21 (KUNA) -- Around 1,439 marriage, divorce, and referral certificates were issued to illegal residents since January till September 30 of this year, the central apparatus for the remedy of the situation on illegal residents said Saturday.
According to the Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents' Affairs, 4,973 out of the 7,039 residents regularised their status by announcing the Saudi nationality, 778 the Iraqi nationality, 726 the Syrian nationality, 79 the Iranian nationality, 47 the Jordanian nationality and 436 other nationalities, the director of the agency for status adjustment Colonel Mohammad Al Wuhaib told Kuwait News Agency (Kuna).
The central apparatus employs 141 people, and 31 foreign missions employ 201 people.
In Hama province, the UN observer delegation visited the area near the central apparatus of the Financial Supervision Department headquarters in Salah Eddin St.
Khalid bin Hilal al-Busaidi, Interior Ministry's Undersecretary received here today Saleh Yousef al-Fadalah, Executive Director of the Central Apparatus of the State of Kuwait and his accompanying delegation, currently visiting the Sultanate.
Hour Subject 10:00 Church mass on the occasion of "Lebanese Army Day" at the Saideh Church - Ain Jdeedeh, upon an invitation by the Lebanese Youth Movement, to be followed by a march towards the martyrs' portrait in the town's square, where wreaths will be laid 10:00 Signing of an understanding agreement between the Ministry of National Economy and the Central Apparatus for Palestinian Statistics regarding supervision over establishing a statistics unit within the Ministry during 2010-2011 10:30 Church mass headed by Bishop George Saliba marking the occasion of the Syriac Martyrs' Day at Saint Yaacoub Srouji Church in Sabtieh 11:00 Arab Guides 19th Conference, under the headline, "Join-Communicate-Change the lives of those around you", patronized by Lebanese First Lady, Mrs.
Garcia Diaz, was promoted to the central apparatus of the Central Committee.
He called on illegal residents, who are yet to adjust their status in the country, to visit the headquarters of the central apparatus to do the necessary measures needed.
As the result of the inspections conducted by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk calls on the Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine to immediately implement the law on lustration, and thus dismiss 42% of the SFS s central apparatus as well as 15% of the apparatus of the regional branches.

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