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 [sen´trum] (pl. cen´tra) (L.)
1. a center.
2. the body of a vertebra.


Plural of centrum.


Plural of centrum.


(sĕn′trŭm) plural.centra [L.]
1. Any center, esp. an anatomical one.
2. The body of a vertebra.

centrum semiovale

The mass of white matter at the center of each cerebral hemisphere.

centrum tendineum

The central tendon of the diaphragm.
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Cognex's successful use of Centra as a training application speaks to our strength in the eLearning space and the value eLearning can provide to global organizations that have customers spread across the country, or even the continent," said Leon Navickas, CEO of Centra.
Centra is a registered trademark, and Centra 7 is a trademark of Centra Software, Inc.
Based on best practices gained while working with more than 1,200 leading organizations worldwide, Centra's four solution areas - Centra for Enterprise Application Rollouts, Centra for Sales Effectiveness, Centra for Collaborative Learning, and Centra for Customer Acquisition - automate and facilitate the planning, execution and evaluation phases of mission-critical online business initiatives.
Online business collaboration solutions from Centra create workforce efficiencies and enable organizations to share and exchange business-critical information with geographically distributed customers, partners, prospects and employees.
Centra customers will be able to hold more interactive, engaging training sessions with Centra's industry leading virtual classroom.
Centra Live is scheduled for general availability in June 2005.
After evaluating five service provider products, we selected Saba's Centra Live for eMeetings because we felt it provided a superior business model and the highest value-to-cost ranking," said Dave Aynardi, director, Information Technology, Westinghouse Electric.
All Westinghouse employees will be able to use the Centra hosted service and the company plans to make Centra Live for eMeetings the standard within its project management tool suite.
Beyond the usual benefits you would expect from this type of technology -- such as of time and cost savings, scheduling flexibility, and improved collaboration -- is that Centra helps us to better serve the public and make a meaningful contribution to the community," said Brad Paleg, AGNR distance learning specialist.
The college is using the Centra technology for a variety of uses, including training and education, online office hours, guest lectures, and internal and external meetings.
The company is also extending its investment in the academic market with several enhancements to its Centra Live virtual classroom, training and collaboration software and launched a dedicated academic business to address this critical market.
Saba is continuing to invest aggressively in its R&D efforts and intends to provide new and enhanced capabilities to its HCM suite which deepen integration between its Saba and Centra product offerings, improve users' experience, drive greater collaboration, and more tightly integrate its learning, performance and talent management capabilities.

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