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Objects Land use # research Dominant wood Age, types types object * species in the years first layer Point Nature 1 White willow n/a protectio n City 2 Black poplar n/a Rural 3 White mulberry n/a Linear Nature 4 Common ash 109 protectio n City 5 Norway maple n/a Forest 6 English oak 83 Rural 7 English oak 107 8 Common ash 111 9 Common ash 112 Areal City 10 English oak >100 Forest 11 English oak 101 Rural 12 English oak 97 13 English oak 111 Objects Land use Average Average Crown Adioinins types types height of diameter cover cenosis I layer M Point Nature 19.
At the territories adjecent to large forestlands (Nevskij forest park, districts near Lake Sestroretskij razliv, Morskaya railway station, North and South cemeteries) a cenosis structure close to the natural one has preserved.
Under the terms of the agreements, Cenosis will issue to Bell Nexxia a total of 2 million series D preferred shares and 1.
Richard Corbo, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cenosis inc.
Belonging to another than typical form morphologic and ecological group is has the possibility to inhabit the same biotopes [8], but in conditions of cryolite zone of Yakutia both forms are being observed only in flood land cenosis and rarely in watersheds [11].
For the third quarter ended February 28, 2001, Cenosis posted revenues of $3,157,757, compared to $84,134 for the same period in 2000.
MONTREAL) Cenosis Announces its KangaCom Subsidiary has Signed Half the
Cenosis pursued the implementation of its strategic plan during the second quarter of 2000-2001 by establishing itself in Toronto, Canada's largest graphic communications market.
MONTREAL) Cenosis Pursues Accelerated Revenue Growth in Second
Cenosis announces that its KangaCom subsidiary inaugurated yesterday a new digital transfer service for large files via the Internet.
MONTREAL) Cenosis Announces Launch of KangaXpress, a New Digital Transfer
As of January 1st, 2002, Cenosis will be able to force the exercise of the warrants if the average closing price of the Company's common shares remains above $4.