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Cementoblast and osteoblast are similar in biological effects.
Moreover, cementoblasts can also express OPG and RANKL and can modulate osteoclast cytogenesis (Boabaid et al.
This space is necessary to provide a channel for the migration of progenitor cells towards and onto the detoxified root surface hence differentiation of cementoblast, formation of new cementum and periodontal ligament is desired (17, 18).
In vitro, superior cementoblast adhesion to MTA compared with amalgam and IRM[TM], and expression of genes for cementogenesis, led investigators to label MTA as cemento-conductive [Thomson et al.
Cementoblasts maintains expression of osteocalcin in the presence of mineral trioxide aggregate.
Benign cementoblastoma is a slow-growing benign tumor arising from cementoblasts.
It is not clear whether a single progenitor cell for fibroblasts, osteoblasts and cementoblasts exists in the adult periodontal tissue (3).